"I am a Industrial designer from Gothenburg, Sweden who is dreaming of a creative future, where I can be part of a team and solve design problems or develop new sustainable solutions. Where form, color and material is my focus in combination with function. When I work I like to be part of the whole process, from moodboard to sketch, prototype, development and presentation. I like to combine working with my hands like sketching and building mock-ups. But in the end I like to finalize the result in the computer with rendered images both 3D and 2D to communicate my design on a detailed level."
UNG SVENSK FORM 2023 - Winner of the year, Industrial design category.

 - Finalist in Urban & Public deisgn category. Curated by Rossana Orlandi,
exhibited in Milan design week.
GBG FORM 2021 - Design award (2020)
Gothenburg Anniversary Product 
- Top 10 nomination 

Basic Art Education -
Pre-Art School KV Konstskola  (2016-2017)

Image And Spatial Design - 
Pre-Art School KV Konstskola  (2017-2018)

BA In Design  -
HDK - Academy of design and crafts (2018-2021)
BA Product Design -
Listaháskóli íslands  - Exchange semester ( 2020)

MFA Industrial Desgin - 
IKDC - Ingvar Kamprads designcentrum  (2021-2023)
KEA of Sweden - Freelaance Designer 
Milan Design Week 2022 
Southern Sweden Design Days 2022
Dutch Design Week 2022 
Stockholm furniture fair  -
Young Swedish form 2023

IKEA Museum - Älmhult
Young Swedish form 2023
Sara Kulturhus - Skellefteå
Young Swedish form 2023
Textilmuseet, Textile Fashion Center - Borås
Young Swedish form 2023
Malmö Museum - Malmö
Young Swedish form 2023

SPACON & X - Copenhagen
4 month
IKEA of Sweden - Älmhult
5 month
If you want to work together,
 then don't hasitate to email me at