The vision and strategy for this car seat was to design a car concept that has a consistent style that balances between high-tech methods and our natural resources, The nature.
For a more pleasant and harmonious impression of the interior, I started to laborate with earthy colors with not so high contrasts. The seat has a clearness with distinct lines that contrast with the organic pattern. I really believe in using the natural structure for a more rigid construction and to be surrounded with organic compositions in the long run, which gives a positive psychological impact. With that in mind I have translated it into a usable product which fits into the high-tech society we live in today. 
Generative design is the same as less material which is something I think is beneficial, especially for a vehicle which has lots of components. Some parts of the seat will be produced by 3D-printing as the backrest and seat cushion, which can be something other than fabric, for example a biocomposite material. The chair body rests on a cone for this rendering scene but will be more uniform into the car body itself when the car design is complete.
Last but not least the rear view.
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