Together with natural forces such as absorbing, evaporation and moisturizing is it possible to regulate and decrease the indoor temperature without any electricity with this cooling wall.  Terracotta and water has been a traditional technique of cooling down in many decades, an eco-friendly and sustainable way of reducing heat and the cost of electricity in replacement of an electrical driven humidifier.  For a more efficient distribution of water evaporation I designed a paper clay panel placed in the vessel which will absorb the water and break free through the evaporation process.
In the making process
The final part of the walldevider - more to come
Terracotta vessel - sculptured and crafted by myself 
Movable steel construction with wheels, for easy reshuffle
I have done material exploration with paper pulp and am now in development with Loop Factory which is a company focused on circularity. It will help me mould the thick paper sheets.
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