Is a chair that is adapted for elderly people who live in nursing homes with disabilities and poorly functioning senses. A collaboration with two companies Stjörnublikk, a steel company and Seglargardin, a textile company. The target group was a nursing home located in the centre of Reykjavik.
The construction has a shape that allows it to bounce a little while you sit. Activates sedentary seniors in an unpretentious and fun way. The chair’s color can vary and stand in contrast to each other and therefore stimulate the elderly’sbrain capacity. The color contrast works as a visual aid for the elderly to locate the chair and counteract accidents during use. Hopefully they can now enjoy sitting outside and socialize, and during wintertime have something visually to look at through the window or use it indoor. 
The focus in this project was on local production with limited 
resourses from the two companies, Stjörnublikk and Seglargardin
The construction was made of re-bars needed to have a double profile with reinforcement pins welded between the bent bars. The shape gets a strong stiffness but still allows it to have a gentle bounce.
Early-quick sketches
Prototypemodell - 3D printed
RE-LITUR CHAIR on a bed of Icelandic lava rocks, could be at Reynisfjara black sand beach.
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