This project is a  speculative design proposal for the future inhabitants of Mars. I have been researching in future architecture structures, living habits on the red planet and future manufacturing processes and the psychological impact of beeing away from earth.
Marsha house is an alternative home on Mars created by AI SpaceFactory1. Which is based on a more collectively based home, where you share different facilities and have open spaces for socializing with a smaller private space. I could then ascertain how large the personal space could be, about 8-13sqm. As you can see, the exterior has a round house body, which is a sustainable house construction because energy conversion is efficiently evenly distributed. In addition, optimal design for 3D printing made from local materials. I stated that we will face new interior problems and the opportunity to create something completely new. 
Process and early sketches.
I've researched about potential local materials that will be used in the future of Mars and how to processing it into a useful building material. ​​​​​​​
 MARSHA CHAIR, has a protective shape reminiscent of a nest. With plenty of space it is possible to crawl up and make room for rest and recovery. With three different manufacturing methods of 3D-printing; SLS, extruder and textile printer is the chair is ready to be printed with local resources on Mars. Materials such as bamboo composite, Iron oxide and rocks.​​​​​​​
MARSHA DRESSER, who are adaptable for any types of surfaces and floor plan, all from curved walls to sharp corners. It has a built-in greenhouse to minemize the distance between human and nature. And a open shelf area where it has place to be position the most significant belongings. Same materials as Marsha chair but with a touch of recycled plasticpackagings who has been transported to Mars, a tailor-made design for a future home on the red planet.
The Marsha family has now checked in on Mars. The first tenant has spent his first month on the red planet. The bedroom is only 9 square meters, the remaining parts of the house have a collective structure with shared facilities. That's why the personal space is so important to make personal, homely and calm. I hope you enjoy Mars!.
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