This lighting system is adapted to various sizes of market stand sellers all around the Equator, where outdoor markets are a major source of income. To fit all the different dimensions of each stand we developed an option for the sellers to install the lamps in various different ways. The long working days start earlier in the blazing sun and end in the dark night. To continue selling in the night and off grid we designed a sustainable lightning system powered by solar energy from the day. To improve the current danger and unsustainability of auto batteries, electricity shortage and cable chaos.. - Together with my project college Luisa Wirth.
Pictures taken from Dutch Design Week 2022
ON/OFF GRID is fully driven by solar power which will be attach on the market roof, exposed to the sun during the day and during the darker hours the lamps will run from solar energy and light up the stands.
Color scheme
Installation on the stand
Close-up photos lamp nr.1
Close-up photos lamp nr.2
More photos on the products from the exhibition
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